Fusion Spokes(Hubsmith Patent)


Hubsmith Fusion Spoke Titan series becomes a hot issue when it was launched in the end of 2016. The essence of this wheel set, HS-R049 hub set has even gained 2017 Taipei Cycle d&i awards by iF. The core tech is to fuse the features from J-bend and the straight-pull spokes instead of building a wheel in traditional single ways. Combining the features of these two kinds of spokes, driving power from J-bend and lateral force from straight-pull spokes, can make you ride a bike more powerfully and turn a corner more steadily. This fusion spokes design also enhances the safety on driving. Hubsmith proves its brand value by winning several d&i awards in a row and the innovative ideas present on the exquisite workmanship.

STEEL WEAR PLATE(Hubsmith Patent)

Steel Wear Plate is designed exclusively on both Road and MTB Hubs for Shimano system, which can efficiently prevents from the bites by freewheels.

3 Clicks on Each Pawl for 48 TEETH Ratchet
(Hubsmith Patent)

For road bike hub, it’s 3 pawls with 3 clicks on each pawl for matching 48 teeth ratchet; for MTB hub, it’s 4 pawls with 3 clicks. Forty-eight teeth engagements with 3 clicks on each pawl can help the body to convey the driving force more accurately and instantly.

(Hubsmith Patent)

Hub Cinch is composed of cinch-nut and cinch cap. After replacing the oringinal hub caps with Hubsmith Cinch-Caps,screw the Cinch-Nuts on Cinch-Caps and tighten the hex screw on the nuts to make the Cinch-Nuts tightly bite on the teeth of the Cinch-Caps in order to lock the axle in place to prevent the nut from loosening. Hubsmith's patented HUB CINCH allows users to safely and securely mount and lock a wheel on any bicycle. No need for bulky general quick release!

(Hubsmith Patent)

When wheel sets are installed on the bike frames with HS-CR007, the cinch nut will be fastened on the frames by lateral fixed screw at the end of the cinch nut. And it could prevent loose wheels in order to achieve security, security for the purpose.


Hubsmith’s end caps with round groove design is an anti-skidding function on bikes, which can make both contacting surface between the forks and caps closely match and not easily to be skidded and worn.

One Way
System(Hubsmith Patent)

HS-R023 & HS-R034 & HS-LR001

This design allows riders reset these gaps with an adjustment ring, which is inside the hub, covered by end caps. By disassemble the side cap and simply use a hex wrench to tighten the screw, the gap will be modified and extend the life of bearings and hub!


Using weld processing on the series of Hubsmith aluminium wheels, it perfectly joins the two alloy surfaces and makes it invisible. Welding finishing on the joining develops rim performance and provides better stiffness than Sleeve and Pin processing.

Features of Hubsmith Carbon Rim

Full carbon fiber process technology designs for Hubsmith carbon fiber wheels. That the lightweight carbon fiber interlaminates 3K and UD attributes gives the rider the most direct road cycling feedback.


From patented hub design to a complete wheel, Hubsmith wheelsets are all produced in Taiwan. Hubsmith presents its brand value by focusing on the hub details with exquisite workmanship to build a wheel. Hubsmith wheelsets are fully tested by third parties, such as ISO4210 and UCI, and have passed all the cycling regulations, like Impact Test, Fatigue Test and Durability Test etc.

With overall artificial examination, every wheel produced by Hubsmith can remain the quality maintenance for reaching high stiffness and high durability.Each wheel is crafted by hands. Checking by experienced technicians manually can control every parameter on every step to guarantee the maximum quality.