Hubsmith Spokes of Wheels New Upgrade Announcement

Hubsmith Spokes of Wheels New Upgrade Announcement:

We are sincerely concerned about the rider's user experience and product quality.

We upgrade the spoke specifications of Hubsmith's full series of AM upgraded wheelsets and the original wheels of Birdy R20 and REACH GT, bringing lighter but stronger spoke strength.


We conduct QC inspection and product durability tests on each batch of incoming spokes. The most important test includes a dynamic tensile test of spokes.


Each spoke to be tested must be able to withstand a dynamic tensile force of 130 kg to 200 kg on the machine, 10 tensile tests per second, and a total of 100,000 dynamic tensile test standards, used to test the durability and quality of each batch of spokes. This test also simulates the riding dynamics of an actual road, as close as possible to actual riding conditions.


We uphold product quality first and insist that the wheels in the hands of consumers are in the most stable and durable condition. When a batch of wheels is built up, they will be randomly tested on the running test machine to undergo rigorous running tests.


If the spokes of the wheel set break abnormally within one year from the date of purchase, you can send the wheel set to the original purchase bike store for repairs. After we, Hubsmith, receive the report from the bike store and confirm that it is not man-made damage the full wheel spokes can be replaced for you free of charge. When sending the wheel set to the bike store for repair, you need to present to the shop: 1. The wheel set purchase invoice and 2. The wheel set warranty card. The purchase invoice and warranty card of the wheel set must be kept properly, if one of them is lost, the warranty service will not be available.


If you have any questions about the product, please write to service@hubsmith.com. We deeply thank you for your support for Hubsmith.