(Pre-order) HUMBIRD CS406 Ti (Limited Edition)


「HUMBIRD CS406 Ti (Limited Edition)』 鈦合金陶瓷培林限量紀念版」




「洗鍊後綻放 工匠工藝再展現」

Hubsmith迎來10歲生日,首次推出限定『HUMBIRD CS406 TI (Limited Edition)



(花鼓榮獲d&i By iF創新設計獎)


「十年成長 十年有成」
















Official PRE-ORDER 

"HUMBIRD CS406 TI (Limited Edition)" Titanium Alloy Ceramic Bearing Limited Anniversary Edition"


3650 days of development, 87600 hours of continuous blooming. Cumulative production of tens of thousands of hubs, With tens of thousands of

pairs of wheels and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of expeditions, Hubsmith has cumulated an over-ten-year full skilled cornerstone .


"The Hubsmith's craftsmanship will be displayed and evolved again."

Hubsmith celebrates its 10th birthday and launches the limited edition "HUMBIRD CS406 Ti (Limited Edition)". 

The high-grade hub has a structure that inherits Hubsmith's usual spirit of running.


The lightweight carbon fiber tube material is wrapped and the leaf edge weight-reduction structure design mills out hollow rigid ribs.

The unique mechanical structure of the outer drum body pushes the Hubsmith hub artisan level to the top in the turning and milling process.

(the hub has won the d&i award By iF Innovation Design Award)


"Ten years of growth, ten years of success"

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hubsmith, the brand continues to implement three faiths: wisdom,

drive and trends, leading many runners to explore the blueprint of unknown dreams.


Bluestone decal color is like a calm and introverted character, integrating wisdom and trend in all in one.

The barrel-colored spokes are located on the tenth spoke hole of the wheel set and

the brilliant red copper head is intertwined with each other, symbolizing enthusiasm, originality and uniqueness.


"Titanium freehub body dominates the market and achieves outstanding high-end players"

The excellent material properties of the titanium alloy perform on the freehub body directly increase the overall rigidity and hardness.

Patented 3 pawls, 9 teeth, 48 bite points design allows the freehub body in the drive to achieve tightness and perfect occlusion.

The drive bearings are equipped with Ceramic Speed for the first-class team wear-resistant ceramic bearings.

Dominate the market with the highest specifications, start driving your own running soul style!


*The wheels are all attached with an independent limited serial number. One hundred sets of limited sale, while stocks last.